Emmanuel Worship

fifteen Lyrics

In the light

In my desert days, give me saving drink
For this I see is you, a saviour in our midst
Revive my weary heart, to heal the world with you This vow that you have made, to love the world like You

Open up my eyes, to see you move
I can see your fire is falling now
Open up my heart, to feel again
I can see your fire is falling now

Hearts of stone unturned, shaken by your Word
For this is happiness, to know You in return
The old has passed away, never seen again
And now I know your name, I am new again

In the wildest way, Jesus have your way
In the light of your name
in the light of your name
Push me out beyond, all the walls you’ve won,
In the light of your name
in the light of your name

Liam Desic © 2018



I hear Your voice speak in the desert
I see Your light shine through the shadows
I lost my way, the voice of the Shepherd
Calls my name, and tells me I am loved

I will never be forgotten, I am called
To live in Kingdom ways, awake this heart of stone
I Look upon Your gaze, Father I am loved
I will not be afraid, I trust in You alone.

We are but dust, and like dust we shall return
Yet we are loved, and Your love it calls us on
And we are made, created image of Your love
Our hearts they trust, reckless abandon to Your love.

Through the ashes we rise, above all the lies, Setting our yes towards the Kingdom way in us With the angels and saints, declaring your name, We embrace Your legacy and mission on the earth.

The Gospel, calls my name, to be, faithful
turn my eyes from evil ways,
Jesus, out of darkness you have, Saved me
I will trust in You alone
I trust in You alone.

Roby Curtis © 2018



God I feel you next to me,
God I feel your warmth against my skin
God I feel your call within me,
burning deeply, consuming my heart.

God I know your love for me, God I know you died so I could live in you, I know you have a plan so I can stand, in you and not apart.

Desire, it's burning up inside Calling me to life, a life of praise And I dedicate my life, to your cause your light, to give you praise.

And as I open up I am overwhelmed, I'm flooded by the want to know you more And as you come to me, God you give me rest I'm flooded by the want to know you more.

Dominic Dougherty © 2018



Your Words echo in me In the depth of who I am
The Truth is softly spoken Calling me to place My faith in You God, All my hope, my dreams, my life forever in You God, You will not disappoint
I know, You have a plan for me Just help me see today

Your Gospel calls me boldly Out into the deep
You never will be beaten, in generosity, You’re faithful in my life, never let me down, The high and the low tide, I’m carried in Your arms
I know, Your promises are true, just help me see today

Let Your love echo in me Your fire burn so bright In Your Spirit there is freedom It breaks the chains I’ve bound It’s in You that I’m found,
I will not be afraid My life make a prayer Lord, Please take me as I am, I take up my cross Lord, And give you every breath You are the Lord of my whole life Just help me see today

I believe, in Jesus Christ You’re the Lord of My whole life

Let Your words echo in me

More than just a feeling, I know that You are real, Give me faith like a child and innocence to trust That You make a way Lord, when I cannot see the path Prepare me a room Lord In the Father’s house, I want my life to count each day
I want my life to count each day
Just help me see today

Roby Curtis © 2018



Thorns and nails that have pierced your flesh Stretching wide your loving embrace Hearts of stone they will see your face Light of mercy and violent grace

Alleluia Jesus paid it all Alleluia Christ our saving God

On the wretched hill up high The Lamb of God is sacrificed Throne of Heaven in twisted form Hung the man that You called upon

Pulled down a broken man (Your love is coming back for me) Laid down behind a stone (Your love is coming back for me) Only to rise again (Your love is coming back for me) Death never held you down (Your love is coming back for me)

Liam Desic © 2018



Have you heard, of something, that's so surreal Someone like me, all my faults, all my sin There is a hope, is a light, an open door Step right in, make a home, feel it all

I’ve seen the normal way The one that leaves me thirsty I’ve tried the normal things

Whoa In my heart I’ll build a home
Whoa In my soul I’ll give you all
All I want, is to have you dwell within
So I’ll sing Praise the name that brought me home

Solid ground, here you’ll be, strengthening Be my guide, be my hope, everything I’ll step out, beyond my strength, into yours Jesus can, you bring me out, standing tall

Could there be something else Something that goes beyond me Someone who knows my heart

Woah, Home

Liam Desic © 2018


desert to life

Teach me Lord, Your ways I am broken at Your feet I’ve been lost and away blinded by the lies, In Your arms, I return You revive my weary heart Make me whole again I’m a child of your grace

For I lose sight of all that You’ve done in me All That you’ve done in me I’ll stand firm, Your Kingdom is calling me Kingdom is calling me

You must increase, I must decrease This emptiness only You complete This love is so real, It costs and it hurts It empties us completely of self I seek to be all that the Father has made An image of love pure in my ways Your power is perfect Your grace is enough From the desert I’m coming

Coming back to life Woah

Help me speak Your words breathe life into my bones Spirit take control Jesus you’re my cornerstone

Like a desert storm Blow into this room Kingdom language, The fire of Pentecost today


Liam Desic © 2018


Jesus I Adore

The universe Was still and void Till our God breathed And broke the noise creation's pride In human kind To live among his earthly life

And as we failed to honour Him He picked us up to love again The prophets sent to speak His words To tell us of a coming Son

And He was born in Bethlehem Jesus Christ, a virgin’s son A humble man He grew to be Our God amongst humanity

With miracles, His powers known It drew the ire of Roman throne They strung Him up to breathe His last Sealed in earth, our King was lost

With blinding light, and quaking earth He slayed death, restoring hope He built our Church, on Peter’s rock And sent the fire of Pentecost

I will worship thee All the days of my life I will praise Thy name forevermore Glory be Father Spirit and the Son Jesus I Adore

We press on in the faith of our fathers We press on through the lives of the saints Holy Mother pray for us children Jesus I Adore

Two thousand years have passed since then And still we sing and praise His name Until that day the heavens roar Salvation of our Christ the Lord

Liam Desic & Roby Curtis © 2018

© emmanuelworship 2016