Emmanuel Worship





Aside from the complete emmanuelworship experience, we also provide alternate offerings for smaller events and settings. 

    + $3300 per additional day

    The definitive emmanuelworship experience.

  • Complete range of songs from high-energy to deep and powerful
  • Optional workshops and talks
  • Suitable for large conference, youth rally at Convention Centres, Auditoriums, Performing Arts Centres with 400+ attendance.
Production Requirements
  • 2 - 4 person professional sound, lighting and AV team.
  • Performance-grade hire music equipment.
Our production cost estimate
$4780 + $2780 per additional day

Example Video

    + $500 per additional day

    Individual members providing a unique experience.

  • 1 - 3 Band personnel
  • Tailored song selection for acoustic settings.
  • Optional workshops and talks
  • Suitable for any small gathering, with 15+ attendance.
Production Requirements
  • Simple AV set-up
Production cost discussed upon booking