Mass Settings


About Rivers Mass Setting

RIVERS & RIVERS YOUTH are two exciting Mass settings written by emmanuelworship. Using the text of the revised Roman Missal, these 'partner settings' offer a fresh approach that is ideal for the modern missionary Church. Engaging yet prayerful, relevant yet reverent, expressive as well as contemplative Rivers and Rivers Youth are an attempt to capture it all.

Both are contemporary settings, scored for guitar, piano and voice but just as suitable for a full band.

RIVERS was composed with the 'general modern parish' in mind, aiming to be user-friendly as possible for a wide audience. RIVERS YOUTH was written specifically with young people in mind, an ideal choice for High Schools, Youth Masses, Diocesan youth events and outreach situations. They can be used in conjunction with each other or separately.


* Music Book (piano, voice & guitar)
* CD of the recordings
* CD ROM: featuring Backing Tracks / Lyrics for data Projection / Music Book in PDF format /
Extra Charts in male/female specific keys / Liturgy Planner + Introductory Video

*Approved by ICEL and the Australian Bishops Commission for Liturgy*